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Panchakarma Treatment in India

Panchakarma Treatment in India

Any imbalance in nature and the human body brings up the symptoms of many illnesses. The very best Panchakarma treatment in India presents Ayurvedic treatment procedures that help cleanse different toxins in the body and bring balance to the system. The best Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment in India usually involves five processes; these are therapeutic emesis (Vamanam), therapeutic purgation (Virechanam), enema (Vasthi), nasal instillation (Nasyam), and blood-letting (Raktha moksham). Panchakarma treatment for weight loss is another function of this famous Ayurvedic technique.

When we suffer from illnesses, most medicines fail to identify deep-rooted causes; they merely address superficial waste expulsion. The best Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment in India helps guard against the side effects of excess or wrongly administered detoxification therapies. The success rate of the best Panchakarma treatment in India has made it internationally renowned.

Panchkarma treatment for weight loss is a significant method which uses deep and dry massages with herbal powders or pastes (udvarttanam), synchronized massage with specific oils (abhyangam), and a controlled steam bath to mobilize the accumulated fat. People with obesity issues can resort to Panchakarma Treatment for weight loss to improve their wellbeing.

The Health Village offers the best Panchakarma treatment in India, which attracts a large number of people every year. T hose who wish to explore treatments for Arthritis, diabetes, and obesity will find best Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment in India at The Health Village.

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  • Diabetes Mellitus

    This is a metabolic disorder where the body fails to utilize glucose produced at the end of digestion which leads to increased glucose level in the serum of blood and urine.

  • Arthritis

    Arthritis is of different types. When it is caused by excess toxins in the body, the patient will suffer from fever, swelling, heaviness and restricted movement. This is usually ama-vata or rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Obesity

    The most common nutritional disorder in the modern world today is caused by continuous intake of fat rich foods, fried and processed foods accompanied by a sedentary life style.

  • Low Back Pain Treatment

    There are several reasons for lower back pain. Some of them include poor posture, prolapsed inter-vertebral disk, strained muscle or ligaments, inflammation of pelvic joints and chronic constipation.

  • Psoriasis and other skin conditions

    Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease with red scales and patches and itching formed generally on the body and scalp.

  • Womens Care Program

    Ayurveda pays a lot of importance to various physiological conditions a woman goes through in her life and the care that needs to be bestowed since the onset of menarche as per ancient scriptures.

  • Depression Treatment

    Imbalance in vata or pitta or kapha of the body and lack of awareness of one's inner self can cause depression according to the science of Ayurveda.

  • Cervical Spondylosis Treatment

    This condition is known as greeva-graha in Ayurveda.

  • Sinusitis Treatment

    Sinuses are air spaces in the bones of the face that ultimately communicates with the nasal cavity and are lined by mucosa.

  • Infertility and impotency

    Vrushya Chikitsa is one among eight branches of Ayurveda that explains the reasons behind infertility in detail.

  • Digestive disorders

    Ayurveda is of the opinion that almost all the digestive disorders are due to improper digestive habits of the patients.

  • Hyperacidity

    Here, a vitiation of pitta causes a derangement in the digestive fire which is characterized by the inflammation and irritation of the gastric mucosa.

  • Constipation

    Inadequate intake of fiber and water is the most common cause apart from the hum drum of a hectic lifestyle which throws your life off balance.

  • Headache

    Headaches are caused by tension, eye problems, sinusitis, high blood pressure etc and usually manifests as constant or occasional throbbing pain around the head.

  • Hypertension

    Hypertension is increased blood pressure above a normal permissible range.

  • Ulcers

    Some of the main reasons for the onset of ulcers are excess spice and the inevitable stress which is part and parcel of our lives today.

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