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Digestive disorders

Ayurvedic Treatment for Digestive Disorders

Ayurvedic Treatment For Digestive Disorders

Ayurveda is of the opinion that almost all the digestive disorders are due to improper digestive habits of the patients. In modern times we see so many different enticing things to eat and the temptation to indulge is inevitable. Most of the food we eat is processed and the additives are not necessarily good for health and digestion. And what is the immediate side effect? Very often it is indigestion that emerges as the first symptom.

So how does one treat ingestion? It can be extremely uncomfortable to handle the bloated feeling, the pain and sometimes it could lead to an upset stomach as well as other health issues. In fact Ayurveda believes that a healthy digestive system ensures good health. Therefore it is indeed very important to keep it healthy and make the changes that are required in our eating habits.

Indigestion it is said is one among various root causes for all illnesses. This ancient science believes that the digestive tract needs to be managed properly and any problems need to be addressed in the nascent stages itself.

So at The Health Village in Kerala we believe in removing all the negative ama and toxins from the body. Once the internal system is cleansed you are sure to feel healthier. Some of the main  treatment programs here would include a detailed consultation with the doctor as he understands your lifestyle and what the triggers are that cause the manifestation of various ailments. Once he understands your complaints he will recommend oral medication and therapies. Panchakarma treatment will be offered according to the requirement and intensity of the condition.

All the therapies we use are authentic Kerala Ayurveda in nature and we are backed by a company of over 70 years of experience in developing classic Ayurveda medicines and a herb garden which is extensive in medicinal plants.