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Fatigue brings on ill health and a general lack luster outlook to life. Here is where a Rejuvenation treatment can help.

Have you ever thought that your weekend is too short after a busy week?

Ever felt like all the years of stress are finally catching up with you?

Seriously thinking a few holidays cannot wear off the stress induced health issues or mental fatigue?

Then The Health Village Rejuvenation Program is made for you. Apart from healing, The Health Village also offers treatments for well being and maintenance of general health. Such Rejuvenation procedures ensure proper digestion leading to optimal health and immunity. At this age of increased work pressures and stress, Ayurveda can provide the stability and balance which could be beneficial for your professional and personal life. Detoxification programs help you to remove the accumulation of toxins from the body which may lead to serious illnesses in the future. Revitalization of tissues and neurons, overcoming fatigue, promotion of good sleep, improving well being and enhancing overall efficiency form our core competence and objective. Such programs are usually done over a period of 7 or 14 or 21 days. But your physician can suggest the apt number of days and guide you through the program. The duration of De-stressing and Detoxification programs are only scheduled after an initial contact with the doctor.

Come visit us and sit in this serene space and let the tranquillity immerse you and heal you from within. You will find yourself going back a different person benefitting from our years of experience and the gentle demeanour of every one that you will come across at The Health Village. A smile that you cannot refuse to acknowledge!

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Beauty tips

  • Listen to any music of your choice every day for at least 15 minutes. Meditate while listening to it.

  • Give yourself a soothing massage with an oil or lotion before a warm body wash every day.