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Low Back Pain Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain

Low back pain is perhaps one of the most common complaints one hears of now a days. And back pain is no surprise either with most of us sitting hunched over a computer or browsing the net on the smart phone. Little wonder then that the bane of modern life has become the low back pain. Back pain is now found across age groups and genders. Back pain often leads to debilitating pain, forcing the person to look at harmful pain killers to be able to continue with the daily chores at home and work.

At The Health Village we also believe that there are other factors that lead to Back Pain. Some causes of Back Pain include poor posture, prolapsed inter-vertebral disk, strained muscle or ligaments, inflammation of pelvic joints and chronic constipation. All these are common causes of sudden or gradual onset of low back pain. Again the root cause of back pain is an aggravated vata dosha.

Sometimes back pain can be associated with sciatica, a condition characterized with pain radiating from lower back to either one or both legs. Specific oral medication along with kati-vasti, dhanyamla-dhara and patra potala svedanam back pain treatments helps to alleviate this vata vitiation. Administration of therapeutic enema for 8 or 15 or 30 days also provides good relief. Postural corrections are advised for back pain cure along with mild yoga exercises.

It is quite obvious that exercise is of paramount importance in treatment of back pain. The sedentary life most people lead can cause severe low back pain issues. Diet too can help ease the pain. Ensure that you have warm and mildly spiced food only. Avoid dry food and have salty and sour foods as well as naturally sweet food to calm vata. In fact you can try to keep a strict diet and see if you benefit from it. Herbs like ginger and turmeric have been known to calm inflammation.