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Yoga - Pranayam – Meditation

Because we believe that no cure is complete without healing the mind and spirit

Yoga training

Our team at The Health Village believes in complete healing from within the core and for that we ensure that the body, mind and spirit are taking in as one entity. And to ensure complete healing we incorporate yoga, pranayam and meditation as a major part of our treatment.

Yoga Training


Yoga and Ayurveda are said to be ancient sister sciences and they go in tandem for a complete and holistic treatment at The Health Village. We believe that the two programs when done together can work beneficially on our bodies. Yoga which involves Asanas and postures, Pranayam which teaches you the correct breathing technique and Meditation which calms the mind all come together in a healing program. 

The Health Village offers a dedicated Yoga studio where two general sessions take place every day. Apart from the group sessions, you are welcome to talk to our yoga acharya and discuss your problems with him. He will then suggest individual Yoga sessions if required to ensure personalized attention. 
And please don’t worry if you are new to Yoga and have not practiced Yoga form of exercise before. Our yoga teaching teacher will help you to understand the asanas and guide you appropriately. The guided Pranayama and Meditation sessions in the evening will help you relax and connect with your inner self. Different techniques of yoga and meditation are prescribed by the doctors if found necessary for you.

Regular practice of Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation helps regulate your body functions and improves not just your physical fitness levels but also improves blood circulation and improves your belief in yourself. Yoga also reduces stress which is the root cause of many ailments.  

At The Health Village we combine Ayurveda and Yoga to effectively treat the different illnesses and we advice our guests to manage a healthy lifestyle and practice Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation on a daily basis to keep ailments at bay in a holistic fashion.