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Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis in India

What is Arthritis? It is a disorder of the joints which can manifest in different forms. You might experience inflammation of the joints with pain. It could affect the knuckles, wrist, jaw, feet, ankle, neck, spine, the back or even the hip or knees.

However, Arthritis is of different types. The cause determines what kind of Arthritis it is and how it can be treated with Ayurveda. When it is caused by excess toxins in the body, the patient will suffer from fever, swelling, heaviness and restricted movement. This is usually ama-vata or rheumatoid arthritis

Chronic arthritis however does not present much swelling but does come with fever, restricted movements and pain which indicate sandhi-vata or osteo-arthritis. We treat this crippling condition with oil massages and oil bath for the entire body (pizhichil). After the correct assessment of toxin levels of the body few panchakarma therapies are recommended such as purgation (virechanam) and therapeutic enema (vasti) to expel the basic cause from the body. This is followed by a course of internal medicines to achieve a sustained relief from the various symptoms. Apart from those described below other traumatic causes such as ligament tears, sprains, and dislocations which affect the integrity of the joints are also treated under this specialty.

At The Health Village we see several cases of Arthritis afflicted guests. It can affect an individual in various degrees. Ayurveda however is very effective in treating it and we have seen several cases where the patient returns relieved from the pain and discomfort.

Depending on the kind of arthritis and the place it has affected, the ayurvedic arthritis treatment protocol differs. The doctor may recommend different ayurvedic arthritis treatment in order to cleanse the entire system of toxins.

Treating Arthritis is a specialty and along with Yoga and appropriate diet, the body goes through a successful healing process.