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Ayurvedic Treatment for hypertension

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypertension

There are some common problems that afflict us in these modern times which have come to be called lifestyle diseases. These problems arise more due to the circumstances that we live in. Unfortunately we are all so driven to the rat race that it is difficult to change course. And Hypertension is one of the most commonly seen ailments as a result of this fast paced life.

Illnesses are bound to manifest in different ways and this is where Ayurvedic treatment helps control it and even reverse it in many cases. So what is Hypertension? Hypertension is increased blood pressure above a normal permissible range.  Causes of Hypertension are many and often not easy to pin point. It could be a result of, kidney disease, hormone disturbance or narrowing of the blood vessels. Hypertension could just be a matter of the stress and strain of life also.  

So you could choose to live through life popping medicines every day or you could look at alternate hypertension treatment through Ayurveda. Ayurveda treats not just the Hypertension, but the cause of hypertension also. At The Health Village you will find that each individual is treated according to his or her medical history and what it is that is actually causing the Hypertension.  Ayurveda advocates staying calm with the help of oral medicines, body massage, yoga, relaxation techniques, leisure and laughter which usually bring down the elevated blood pressure and keep it under control.

Smoking, obesity, alcohol, unhealthy diet, stress and anxiety are some of the primary reasons for Hypertension setting in. The imbalance of vata and pita therefore needs to be treated and in Ayurveda there are specialized herbal supplements that work very well in keeping the blood pressure under check. The advantage here is that you do not suffer from the side effects of prolonged usage of the medicines since they are all natural in composition.

Some of the treatments that are used at The Health Village to treat Hypertension include Shiro-abhyangam and shiro-dhara.