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Infertility and impotency

Ayurvedic infertility treatment

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment For Infertility

The Health Village provides efficient ayurvedic infertility treatment in kerala. The infertility treatment is done with special ayurveda therapies and herbs. Natives as well as foreigners are seeking ayurvedic infertility treatments since it has no side effects. Through our ayurvedic infertility treatment we offer successful pregnancies.

Vrushya Chikitsa/Infertility treatment is one among eight branches of Ayurveda that explains the reasons behind infertility in detail. Even if sperm production or ovulation is perfectly normal there are some other conditions which affect the implantation of zygote. This condition is called infertility and can affect both genders equally.

Male infertility
Ayurveda has a specific infertility treatment plan for male impotency, low libido and erectile dysfunction. This is called Vajeekarana Chikitsa and is very effective in ensuring successful impregnation.

Female infertility
Ayurveda has specific infertility treatment plans for both gynecological problems (yoni vyapat) as well as child bearing such as ante-natal, peri-natal and post natal care (prasuti tanhtra).  Ayurveda enumerates 4 main factors for the effective conception of a couple such as proper ovulation and healthy permeation (ritu), pure and favourable uterine atmosphere (kshetram), proper nourishment and blood circulation (ambu) and healthy zygote (beejam). Impairment in any one of these factors can cause infertility.

At The Health Village our doctors have effectively put together an infertility treatment methodology based on the basic principles of Ayurveda and we have seen several cases of success. The program includes detoxification, rejuvenation, virilification or administering aphrodisiacs (rasayana and vajeekarana) medicines internally, yoga, pranayama and meditation which help in conception and results in healthy pregnancy.