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Depression Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression in Kerala

Ayurvedic Treatment For Depression

Imbalance in vata or pitta or kapha of the body and lack of awareness of one's inner self can cause depression according to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Most often a person is depressed due to vitiation in kapha and this needs to be corrected through diet, counseling, therapies and yoga with pranayama and meditation. Sadly, depression can affect children, adolescence as well as adults.

Initially the brain's electro-chemistry produces an erratic overreaction which can be caused due to vata imbalance and triggers a loss of enzyme activity in the metabolism which is a pure pitta imbalance. Kapha responds to this by inducing heaviness, darkness and stagnation and the mind along with body interprets this as a negative message of hopelessness and eventually depression results. Sometimes depression could be caused due to a vitiation of pitta. Allergies and metabolic breakdowns lead to deranges in the brain chemistry. This can cause mood swings along with depression. Vata vitiation can also cause depression.

By understanding the nature and cause of depression, Ayurveda offers a gentle, natural, and effective way of depression treatment without negative side effects. Ayurveda also provides the possibility of depression prevention by promoting psychological health to higher levels. These methods not only restore the balance of mind in the body, but also progressively raise the overall level of inner contentment. At The Health Village we have depression treatment with specific therapies and Abhyangam, Shirodhara and Nasyam all help reduce the stress hormones in the brain thereby calming the brain of anxiety.

It is important to understand that depression can affect any one. Seemingly successful people too succumb to this deadly condition of Depression. It is best treated early and the safe route is to take Ayurveda treatment for depression.