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Medicines – Bheshajam

All the ingredients for the medicines are pure and organic, sourced from natural habitats.

Ayurvedic Treatment in India

The cutting edge distinction that we have over other healing centers is the fact that we are part of a lineage which has under its purview the entire gamut of products and services that is required for consistent and effective treatment. Therefore you can rest assured that the medicines and the medicated oils are authentic and tested for its efficacy. This is possible because it is all manufactured in-house at our facility after intense R&D.Kerala Ayurveda Ltd produces around 350 classical and proprietary medicines which pass through stringent quality checks. All the ingredients for the medicines are sourced from pure, organic sources and natural habitats. The medicines are then sent to independent labs to check for contamination and quality assurance. The manufacturing units are state-of-the-art and have been credited with prestigious certifications from international agencies like USFDA.In fact at The Health Village too we have our own medicine kitchen where medicines required for the therapy are prepared under the supervision of the healers. This facility enables us to produce medicines customized for each individual.