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Holistic Healing

If it is not holistic, it is not healing at all and that is the mantra that we have always stood by and believed in.

Ayurveda Rejuvenation Centre in India

The Health Village believes in going beyond treatment and medication in our approach. Kerala Ayurveda Ltd has always stood by a holistic approach in healing. This is why Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation are considered integral to the healing process. At The Health Village, we emphasize the importance of a balanced diet along with a change in lifestyle and the way of thinking to ensure complete healing. It is the entire package that contributes to good health both physically and mentally. We believe in the well being of body, mind and spirit to achieve what we term as good health.

The ideologies and principles of Ayurveda are based on the Vedic wisdom. It ardently follows the Panchabhuta philosophy (the concept of five vital instruments-Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space). It is from this concept that the tri-humoral foundation (the bio energies-Tridosha-vata, pitta & kapha) of Ayurveda is established. As per the tridosha theory, all the normal human nervous activity, body functions and structure can be explained in terms of these three bio-energies. So is the state of disease and irregularity. In other words, health is defined as equilibrium of the tridosha and disease, as its imbalance. Hence, the prime objective of treatment here is to bring the vitiated doshas back to harmony and equilibrium.

The structural aspect of our body is made up of five elements, but the functional aspect of the body is governed by three biological humors.


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