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Ayurveda calls food as Mahabheshaja – the Ultimate Medicine.


The food you eat can make or break you. Ayurveda describes food as Mahabheshajam – or the ultimate medicine. That is why at The Health Village we offer a predominantly Kerala cuisine based menu. Kerala Cuisine is deeply influenced by Ayurvedic principles. Most of our dishes are either steamed or steamed and sauteed. These are healthy and tasty at the same time and light on the stomach too.

Many of our curries combine aromatic spices with fresh vegetables. Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric & Pepper are to be found in almost all our dishes. They remove any toxins that might be present in the vegetables and enhance your digestion. So please let us know if you are allergic to any of these ingredients and we will cater to your specific need.

We use pure coconut oil for cooking, in small quantities.
We also have a Continental breakfast, as well as cuisine from other parts of India for lunch and dinner – at the buffet. You can contact us to know the menu in advance.

However, apart from the general menu, we also have a special diet food that is specially prepared for guests as per Doctors instructions in specific cases. The food is prepared to complement your healing and treatment programs to ensure maximum benefit. We also have a cleansing diet, a Pre & Post-Panchakarma Diet and a Standard Diabetic Diet.